Table tennis - Apparel

Canada (155 gram)CANADA
The basic material, which is characterized by permanent colors created exclusively by sublimation technology.
canada 155

CoMo (160 gram)CoMo
Developed exclusively according to the requirements of our customers.
Flexible, comfortable material with an emphasis on 100% functionality. Newly modified micro-pore technology add ventilation and provide sweat drain. The innovative interior of the material provides maximum comfort. Specially developed finish to achieve perfect print appearance. Thanks to the unique features of this material, the jerseys will feel comfortable and at the same time look great. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MATERIAL!

Lion (160 gram)LION
Material made of special fiber based on ultra-thin polyester fibers, pleasant to touch. Thanks to its smooth structure, it stands out for printing.

Bára (145 gram)BÁRA
Special construction material. The polyester knit, which is very pleasant to the touch, is well absorbed by the sweat and is breathable. The contained membrane has a thermoregulatory effect, it is very light, breathable and elastic. Thanks to these features, fabrics with this membrane are suitable for making jerseys for all kinds of sports.

Golf (205 gram)GOLF
Comfortable and highly elastic fit for jerseys in tight fit. Excellent hygienic properties, functionality and thus perfectly ensured body temperature stability.

O-Zone (170 gram)O-ZONE
Developed exclusively according to the requirements of our customers.
Comfort and durability are the main features of the newly developed material. These features ensure a unique two-component design. The structure of the inner side increases adhesion to the sweating body in motion and provides the necessary comfort. The outer side is matched for maximum durability and preserving the highest print quality. Together they create complex features that predict this material for sports with the expected friction of the playing area and possible damage. We recommend especially for ball sports shorts and fire breeches.

ZERO (215 gram) ZERO
Polyester material specially designed for ball-hockey.

Canada (230 gram)CANADA
Professional knit, guaranteeing standard quality and durability.
canada 230

MiniCube (150 gram)miniCUBE
Top, professional sandwich construction material designed for ball and cycling. It has excellent dimensional stability. Very fine, polyester knitted mini-knit, this binding guarantees a very good strength of this knitted fabric with a very spectacular appearance. This knit well drains sweat is breathable and very gentle, pleasant to the touch and lightweight to the body.

CoolMAX (150 gram)coolmax
CoolMAX is a hi-tech DuPont special fiber sports cloth that has a special shape that delivers outstanding fabrics to finished clothes. CoolMAX keeps the body dry and cool even at the hottest heat, helping to improve performance in sports.
Advantages of CoolMAX fiber products:
– Rapid sweat transfer from the surface of the body
– increased breathability and greater comfort
– low absorption of clothing
– CoolMAX fiber products are extra soft and comfortable to wear
– the products are very dry after washing
– CoolMAX fibers are resistant to mold and odors

TourLightTOUR light
TEK Series membrane 1085 is waterproof but breathable.
Membrane parameters:
– Water column: 10,000 mm
– Breathability: 11,000 g/qm/24h

TEK Series membranes are suitable for the production of winter sportswear, where wind and water resistance and elasticity are important. They will find use in most sports.
The top part is a polyester knitted fabric and the bottom is made of a full-area polyester knitted fabric that protects the skin from direct contact with the membrane.
tour light

TEK Series membrane 1085 is waterproof but breathable.
Membrane parameters:
– Water column: 10,000 mm
– Breathability: 11,000 g/qm/24h

TEK Series membrane 1085 is waterproof but breathable.
Membrane parameters:
– Water column: 10,000 mm
– Breathability: 11,000 g/qm/24h

Sun (230 gram)CoMo
A high-quality polyester knitted fabric, highly desirable for its smooth structure, thanks to all logos and designs.

Elite (230 gram)ELITE
Polyester material specially designed for the materials used in the National Hockey League. It creates the impression of a cube design to highlight the effect of the highest quality jersey.

PIQUE (150 gram)PIQUE
Very pleasant material, creating a feeling of cotton. Excellent absorbent properties, non-irritating treatment. The novelty is the possibility of using sublimation printing on this exclusive material

Span (300 gram)SPAN
Extremely durable, elastic and comfortable material. Thanks to its elasticity, it perfectly copies the body.

Citadela (220 gram)CITADELA
High-quality, sturdy polyester knit.

Filet (330 gram)FILET
Durable, solid material.

Sven (240 gram)SVEN
Extremely durable yet elastic material that is breathable.
Due to its properties, it can replace heavy, non-breathable materials where strength is the main requirement. There is no need for stapling of ventilation parts and the resulting products are lightweight, breathable, maximally comfortable and do not interfere with movement.