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Welcome to TRI3 HARDGEAR – a leading manufacturer of sublimated apparel, jerseys and a wide variety of team sportswear. What makes us a leader in this market is our adaptability, attention to detail, and our willingness to work WITH you rather than FOR you. We’ve worked to develop our products in cooperation with renowned sports clubs all across the world.

We produce jerseys for lacrosse, hockey, firefighting, football, basketball, volleyball, cycling and a myriad of other sports and activities. All the jerseys are made to meet your specific design ideas with no limitation – The only constraint to your design are the ideas you can come up with. Our manufacturing process utilizes uses state-of-the-art printing technology and digital computing to enable us to create original print motifs for your products. As a leader in the industry, we produce our apparel EXCLUSIVELY in the European Union…not because it’s the cheapest, but because it’s the best. We pay strict attention to quality, which distinguishes us from mass production. We use materials and equipment from suppliers in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and throughout the European Union. Utilizing these processes, we are able to guarantee maximum quality and hygienic superiority to fully meet today’s high demands. We deliver jerseys in perfect harmony with the needs of the performance athlete and fan. We often hear the phrase “think outside the box”, but our advice is, quite simply, to “burn the box”!

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SOFTSHELL JACKETS - new in "team gear".
22. 9. 2017

We have prepared and tested the new SOFTSHELL JACKET!!!

The jacket allows full sublimation printing across the surface. You can have it in your own, original club design, featuring imaginative graphics in its entirety. More information...--

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