About us

About us

Company Profile

TRIII HARDGEAR is the new kid on the block and we are quickly becoming one of the leaders in the manufacturing of jerseys and sportswear. Custom production of original designs with YOUR specific design is our credo. The company’s activity is focused on the production of sports jerseys and sportswear for all sports. Exports throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world share in our success. An important part of the production is deliveries to order directly to sports clubs and sports organizations and to also “co-brand” with existing suppliers and retailers. Each set of jerseys and clothing is original, made to the customer’s requirements. All products are produced exclusively in Europe, with a FOCUS on maximum quality. Clothing with the TRIII HARDGEAR brand can be found not only throughout Canada, but in almost all countries of the European Union, the United States, and other parts of the world.

Company History

The beginnings of the company, mainly focused on the small orders  of hockey jerseys for friends and family, date back to December 2013. The company has grown rapidly and, thanks to officially ramping up in 2016, it started to expand production into lacrosse . The production of jerseys and shorts has gradually begun to expand to other sports and to grow in the main focus of the company. In 2017, under the name of TRIII HARDGEAR, we continued expanding abroad. By supplying to teams involved in major European lacrosse tournaments, TRIII HARDGEAR has been awarded significant contracts. Thanks to the quality of our products, this trend continues and exports today cover most of the production. We have the most modern production equipment available.


The philosophy of the company are above all complex services and flexible production while preserving the high quality of our products. We continue to expand our product offerings in line with current trends and needs of our customers. We always want to have only the quality products that can be asked for. Experience has taught us that the use of quality materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and, above all, the precise design will reflect in the form of a satisfied and returning customer.

We also want to focus on streamlining processes. After all, when we invest every energy into saving time, we will improve the work of our employees and increase the satisfaction of our customers.

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