Maintenance and care

Maintenance and care

All of our products are made of high-quality materials, which, along with a precise production process, meets all the prerequisites to serve you for a long time. However, we would like to make some recommendations for their maintenance and care.

  1. Observe the instructions on the labels of the individual products according to the symbols shown.
  2. Use a water temperature of up to 40°C. To prevent damaging the garment, never use a higher wash temperature. Our materials are very well washed away from any contamination even at lower temperatures.
  3. In order to prevent stains, try to clean them as soon as possible after contamination.
  4. We recommend washing garments inside-out.
  5. Use common detergents. If tough stains are present, a stain remover may be applied to help lift it.
  6. Wash sublimated garments separately from other linen.
  7. Do not leave garments soaked in detergent.
  8. We recommend not using fabric softener when rinsing sublimated apparel. Softener creates a film on individual fibers and clogs the pores of the fabric, thereby reducing breathability.
  9. Suede garments are freely suspended, do not use a dryer or other heaters.
  10. The materials used to make our garments do not wrinkle, so ironing is not necessary.

Additional important information

Our sublimated printed process and materials EXCEL in making colours permanent that do not fade in the sun, do not mind water or any other adverse conditions. Despite all these excellent features, mechanical damage cannot be accounted into this durability. You should therefore be especially careful when handling sharp objects and tools. Damage may also occur when coming in direct contact with Velcro.

We believe that following these few simple rules will assist you in long-term satisfaction with our products!