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Whether you are playing games on board or in sand, it is always good to wear a comfortable jersey. Serving and jumping puts great demands on the range of moves. Comfortable jerseys will not limit your game, but will support it. Whether you are a woman, a man or a child, you really enjoy the game with our jerseys.

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Volleyball jersey cuts are made in two designs: men’s (classic or raglan) and ladies’ (classic or raglan anatomically adapted to the female body). You can also choose from new, attractively trimmed ventilation slots (DOBLO). Of course, you can choose the type of collar, font and numbers to suit your wishes. Use the size chart to determine the basic size of the jerseys. The most suitable jersey materials are: CANADA 155 gram, CoMo 160 gram, GOLF 205 gram, and O-Zone 170 gram. An interesting option is the Golf 205gram. It is a comfortable, sublime, elastic fitting material that ensures excellent sweat removal, helping to maintain a constant body temperature. More detailed material information can be found here.


Volleyball shorts, shorts you can choose and order separately without jerseys. However, if you need a complete sporting set, we recommend choosing a jersey that you will not be able to make a correction of the shorts in the same design. Volleyball shorts are produced in two cuts. Men’s (classic) and ladies (elastic). You can choose from new, attractively trimmed cuts. The most suitable materials are: CANADA 155 gram, CoMo 160 gram, LION 160 gram, KOSTKA 145 gram, BARA 145 gram, GOLF 205 gram, O-Zone 170 gram. More detailed material information can be found here. Specify the size according to our size chart.

Custom design

If you do not choose any jersey model from our offer or you require jerseys in the original design, we can create jerseys according to your ideas in our graphics studio. Graphic design is free. Separate production always takes place after approval of samples or print previews. In case of loss or destruction of your current jerseys, we would like to complete incomplete sets by making similar jerseys so you can continue to use these jerseys.