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Rugby, no matter what the word, is a sport for “warriors”. Whether you are a fearless woman or a rugged man, our specialty jerseys will provide you with the necessary comfort in your game.

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Rugby jerseys are made from Span 300 gram and are manufactured in European. It is a very durable and comfortable material. A great advantage is also its great elasticity, thanks to the weaving process which allows it to perfectly react to the athlete’s body. Jerseys look good, they have an increased pulling ability, all seams are double stitched with a special stitch. We do not leave anything to chance. The “RC Dragon Brno” club were instrumental in the development of the materials and the designs.

Specify the size according to our size chart.


Shorts for rugby must provide maximum durability, a professional look, and especially comfort for players and players. The shorts are made in a special cut which gives you a feeling of total freedom. They are made of Sven 240 gram. It is a light, breathable material with exceptional strength. This material can, thanks to its properties, replace heavy, impermeable materials where the main requirement is strength. All seams are double-stitched with a special stitch using two-core threads. The basic design of the shorts is elasticated with a drawstring. Rugby shorts are tested at an extreme load in league clubs.

You can find more detailed information about the materials used in production hereSpecify the size according to our size chart.


Rugby socks are not only “on parade,” but their main function is to effectively protect the calf of the player and the rugby player from the unpleasant abrasions and dirt. The socks are comfortable, made of comfortable material and are very well worn.

Support socks

We will be glad to offer you a high quality classic socks with a high elasticity support that will guarantee a perfect fit on the leg. The socks are reinforced on the brim and at the ankle with a quality knit. The socks will be delivered in various color combinations according to the color swatch and your wish. The basic composition of the suture material is 95% polypropylene, 5% elastane. We supply socks in different sizes, ranging from the smallest for children to adult sizes.

Pro socks

We offer top professional socks with maximum fixation. The sock is made of a finely knitted polypropylene that ensures very comfortable wearing. The calf part has a specially reinforced ventilation surface to enhance comfort and ventilation. A fixation zone for perfect legholding is also provided in the sock. The sock feet are made of terry to create a comfortable foot environment. This design also prevents rewinding of the sock on the leg. The excellent quality of the socks is designed for the most demanding customers.

The socks will be delivered in various color combinations according to the color swatch and your wish. The basic composition of the suture material is 85% polypropylene, 10% cotton and 5% elastane. Socks are available in different sizes, by default: 3-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-12.

Custom design

Regardless if you have a jersey design in mind, you require jerseys in your current design, or you need us to create a new design, we can customize the artwork according to your ideas in our graphic studio. Graphic design is free! Production always takes place after approval of the artwork. Samples or print previews are also available. In case of loss or destruction of some of your current jerseys, we are able make almost duplicate the exact same jersey design. This will allow you to add a few jerseys to an incomplete set so you can continue to use them.