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Paintball – “padding” for both small and large. It’s got to have a protective later, a zipper, and a slightly reduced threshold of pain, because when you get hit, it really hurts! TRIII HARDGEAR introduces special PRO paintball jerseys that are professionally tailored to current quality requirements in design with ventilation elements on the side and back of the jersey. The damping padding materials are used in the arms. We also produce jerseys in a CLASSIC style without ventilation and damping parts. Sleeves are on the sleeves.

You can find more detailed information about the materials used in production hereUse the size chart to determine the basic size of your jerseys and skirts.

Custom design

Regardless if you have a jersey design in mind, you require jerseys in your current design, or you need us to create a new design, we can customize the artwork according to your ideas in our graphic studio. Graphic design is free! Production always takes place after approval of the artwork. Samples or print previews are also available. In case of loss or destruction of some of your current jerseys, we are able make almost duplicate the exact same jersey design. This will allow you to add a few jerseys to an incomplete set so you can continue to use them.