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Hockey is a challenging game that requires speed, dexterity and hardness. The players, but also their jerseys, are heavily burdened by contact with each other, or by skidding to skateboarding, by contact with the coats. Hockey jerseys must be durable but also comfortable, functional and must not prevent movement. We offer you such jerseys.

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The jersey for hockey is made in several cuts, namely Classic, Round Saddle, Ragled Saddle, Raglan, Raglan – Round Saddle. All edits can be further edited. It is possible to adjust in the form of double sleeves or shoulders, sew ventilation and mini-ventilation mesh in the side of the jersey and the like. Networks, as one of the few manufacturers, are color-coded for the perfect design of the jersey. Of course, you can choose the type of collar, font and numbers to suit your wishes. We also have the choice of the lower end of the STANDARD or PRO style jersey. The most suitable materials for making hockey jerseys are: ZERO, CANADA, Sun, Devil, Elite and NHL.

You can find more detailed information about the materials used in production here. Use the size chart to determine the basic size of the jerseys.

Hockey socks

We produce hockey socks from a strong polyester knitted fabric Filet 350gr. This material is very elastic and perfectly surrounds your body.

You can find more detailed information about the materials used in production here.

Compression underwear designs

While maintaining all the requirements for the necessary functionality, we offer the possibility of own, original design on hockey compression underwear. You can have them in any club colors, club logo, sponsors, plus the name for each player. We will prepare your own design of your hockey compression gear in our free studio!

The used material (polypropylene) is very pleasant to the body, extremely light and flexible with ductility to all sides. It maintains the necessary microclimate and thermal comfort under load. It has been developed and tested specifically for sublimation printing on hockey ribbons and is among the high tech fabrics. Of course there is quality workmanship and flat seams for greater comfort.

We offer long and short sleeves and long leg shorts. We offer three printing variants: CLASSIC, which prints on the sleeves and collars and sides of the pants. The STANDARD features prints on the sleeves, the collar and the front of the body. The pants are again printed on the sides . The PRO print variety ensures prints on the entire kit, including the rear part. The pants are printed on the sides.

Hockey pants covers

We present you a top professional hockey sleeve made of strong polyester knitted fabric, namely Filet 350gr. The material is very elastic and perfectly packs the pants. You can find more detailed information here. An advantage is the possibility to match the design of the jersey, the sleeves and the socks in the form of a uniform design set. The result is a professional sleeve look that fits perfectly into hockey pants.

Specify the size according to our size chart.

Single color hockey (practice) jerseys

TRIII HARDGEAR has prepared a range of single-color hockey jerseys for you in the above-mentioned variations. We deliver these jerseys without printing.

You can find more detailed information about the materials used in production here.

Referee’s jerseys

TRIII HARDGEAR has prepared jerseys for hockey referees. We will be happy to deliver PRO and STANDARD styles. These are very popular jerseys, thanks to the material specifically designed for hockey referees (100% polyester Drom, 280 gram) Is not creasing and retains its shape. The jersey can be washed without loss of color. Silk black collar with long zipper makes dressing easier. Depending on the order, we can provide either head referee (imprinted orange strips) or linesman jerseys. PRO jerseys have an inner sleeve section complete with black mesh for perfect air circulation.

You can find more detailed information about the materials used in production here. Use the size chart to determine the basic size of the jerseys

Custom design

Regardless if you have a jersey design in mind, you require jerseys in your current design, or you need us to create a new design, we can customize the artwork according to your ideas in our graphic studio. Graphic design is free! Production always takes place after approval of the artwork. Samples or print previews are also available. In case of loss or destruction of some of your current jerseys, we are able make almost duplicate the exact same jersey design. This will allow you to add a few jerseys to an incomplete set so you can continue to use them.