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American/Canadian football

Like rugby, American/Canadian football puts great demands not only on the physical and psychological preparation of players and players, but also the jerseys suffer a vicious beating. They have to withstand excessive stress but also be comfortable and functional.

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When we produce jerseys for American/Canadian football, we use original materials that enable us to achieve the same quality as those made elsewhere. They are very durable, flexible and comfortable materials made specifically for this sport. We produce jerseys for American/Canadian football in three editing versions: CLASSIC, PRO, STAR. For the “weekend warriors”, we also offer FLAG FOOTBALL jerseys – jersey in a raglan design. The STAR design features a new jersey cut. This is an innovative and technically sophisticated jersey model. It is also interesting as it’s solved sleeve fixation. Also, the length of the sleeves is tailored to the latest trends. Innovation is the finish of the back of the jersey, the side panel of the jersey and the connection of the front and side pieces of the jersey.

You can find more detailed information about the materials used in production here. Please specify your size using the size tables.


Canadian/American football pants provide maximum durability, a professional look, and, above all, comfort for players and players. The pants are made in a special cut that gives you total freedom. They are made of 100% polyester, which is lightweight, flexible, breathable and has exceptional strength. All seams are double-stitched with a special stitch using two-core threads. A broad rubber is used at the waist, which in combination with the belt allows for perfect body fixation. The front is without lacing. The end of the pants under the knee is secured with rubber. The pants have standard internal pockets for knee and thigh pads. Due to the individual protection requirements, we do NOT supply pants with padding or protectors. Canadian/American football pants can be printed with a sublimation print by a design according to your wishes.

You can find more detailed information about the materials used in production herePlease specify your size using the size tables.

Custom design

Regardless if you have a jersey design in mind, you require jerseys in your current design, or you need us to create a new design, we can customize the artwork according to your ideas in our graphic studio. Graphic design is free! Production always takes place after approval of the artwork. Samples or print previews are also available. In case of loss or destruction of some of your current jerseys, we are able make almost duplicate the exact same jersey design. This will allow you to add a few jerseys to an incomplete set so you can continue to use them.