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You may not be an active athlete, but you would still want to wear the scarves of your favorite team. It is not up to the top to lift the scarf over your head and to cheer loudly. It is also a good idea to look at the mini jersey of your favorite team, for example, on a desk in a study or in a car, and we will leave it to you.

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We offer you knitted scarves and sublimation fleece scarves in dimensions of 140 x 18 centimeters. Made from 100% finely cut micro-fleece. Micro-fleece products are especially low weight. Nevertheless, it offers very high wear comfort. Sturdy, but very soft fibers are very pleasant to the touch.

You can find more detailed information about the materials used in production here.


The mini-jerseys print motif, along with all the ads, logos, inscriptions, and numbers, is printed on our special transfer paper, and then the print is transferred to the fabric under heat and pressure. This results in high color consistency with clear shades and practically prevents damage to print by frequent washing of the mini jersey. The result is the professional look of a mini-jersey resembling the actual jersey that will satisfy even demanding customers. In terms of price and quality comparison, this way of production of mini-jerseys will be welcomed primarily by customers requiring more ads and other printing at maximum resolution. The color shade of the jersey will be printed according to the customer’s request, with EXACT color assignment according to the customers needs. We are able produce mini-jerseys for all sports and activities.


Favorite team-fan product with custom design.
The key ring comes complete with a plastic clip, a snap hook and a mobile phone cord.
Pleasant yet solid material is suitable for everyday use.
Dimensions: width – 2cm, length – 52cm.

Custom design

Regardless if you have a jersey design in mind, you require jerseys in your current design, or you need us to create a new design, we can customize the artwork according to your ideas in our graphic studio. Graphic design is free! Production always takes place after approval of the artwork. Samples or print previews are also available. In case of loss or destruction of some of your current jerseys, we are able make almost duplicate the exact same jersey design. This will allow you to add a few jerseys to an incomplete set so you can continue to use them.